Adhesive tapes
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Adhesive tapes
NOVAROLL packaging adhesive tapes are a film with an adhesive layer applied to it. They are mainly used for carton boxes sealing, as well as for stationery purposes and other types of work.

NOVAROLL line includes various types of packaging adhesive tapes designed for both professional use in various industries and home use.

Typical Tape width: 25, 48, 50, 70, 72, 75 mm.
Typical Tape length: 45, 66, 120, 132, 150 m (for manual application), 900 and 990 m (for machine application).

The tapes characteristics and sizes can be selected individually for each customer.

The advantages of NOVAROLL packaging adhesive tapes are stability, high quality, guarantee of compliance with all specified parameters, as well as our own unique adhesive formulations developed for Russian and European conditions of use.