Stretch films
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Stretch films
NOVAROLL is one of the leaders in the production of stretch films in Russia, CIS and Europe.
Stretch film is a modern packaging material used for group packaging of goods on a pallet for further transportation. The inner layer of the film is sticky, thus the film is tightly adhered to the pallet due to self-adhesion, there is no need for its additional fixation.
At the moment, our production facilities are located at three production sites:
in Pushkino (Moscow region), in Elektrostal (Moscow region), Kamskie Polyany (Nizhnekamsk region, Tatarstan). The production capacity is 155,000 tons per year.

Direct contracts with the largest polymer manufacturers, continuous improvement of formulations and the availability of our own laboratories that carry out round-the-clock quality control of packaging materials allow us to guarantee the
consistently high quality of NOVAROLL stretch films.

The NOVAROLL line of goods includes three main groups of films:
• Basic brands of stretch films for manual packaging;
• Basic brands of stretch films for machine packaging;
• High-tech brands of stretch films for both manual and machine packaging.
The focus of the company is aimed at developing new high-tech solutions in the field of cargo packaging, including those corresponding to the principles of a circular economy.